Evacuation Routes and Shelters

 When severe weather threatens, protecting life and property automatically becomes top priority for millions of Florida residents. Nothing is more important than making sure your friends and loved-ones are prepared for an approaching storm, flood or wildfire.

ps_info.gifEmergency Broadcast System

The Emergency Broadcast System stations in Okaloosa County are:

  • AM 1260
  • AM 1050
  • FM 105.5
  • FM 104.7
  • FM 99.5

Listen to one of these stations during a hurricane alert for important information.

ps_weather_cane.gifFind Your Evacuation Zone

Find Okaloosa County Disaster Evacuation Zone and Shelters.

ps_weather_cane.gifShelter Information

We do not automatically open all shelters during an evacuation. Several factors determine which shelters will be open. Listen to local radio stations for updates.