Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Billing Information

We are diligent in our efforts to provide the best possible service to our customers.

ps_ems_2.jpgThe Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners has approved the following EMS charges effective August 1, 2013:

Mileage  $15.00 per Mile  
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service  $175.00 (+Mileage)
Base Rate for BLS  $800.00 (+Mileage)
Base Rate for ALS I  $800.00 (+Mileage)
Base Rate for ALS II  $800.00 (+Mileage)
Specialty Care Transport  $800.00 (+Mileage)
Treatment/No Transport  $250.00
Ambulance Standby  $200.00 per hour
Non-profit Organization Standby  $120.00 per hour
Quick Response Vehicle Standby (with 1 Staff Member)  $100.00 per hour
EMT (No Vehicle)  $75.00  per hour
Paramedic ( No Vehicle)  $100.00 per hour

Billing customer service: Toll Free 1-866-432-2817

Address to mail payments:

Okaloosa County EMS
P.O. Box 116783
Atlanta, GA 30368

Address to request medical records:

Okaloosa County EMS
90 College Boulevard East
Niceville, FL 32578