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About Public Works
The Public Works Department of Okaloosa County will achieve a record of outstanding customer satisfaction.

  • Clean County: Okaloosa Clean County Programs.
  • Quality: We will provide the highest possible quality infrastructure and services.
  • Integrity: We will be open and honest with all stakeholders.
  • Public Accountability: We will make the most efficient and effective use of our resources.
  • Fair and Consistent: We will treat all stakeholders equitably.
  • Professional: We will be ethical, competent, courteous and prompt.
  • Health/Safety/Welfare: We will perform our duties in ways that protect our personnel and the public.
  • Responsible, Selfless Service: We will put responsibility before self.
  • Creativity: We will seek innovative ways to do our jobs.
  • Continual Improvement: We will seek to continually improve our people, processes and services.
  • Quality of Life: We will be good stewards of the environment, infrastructure and resources.


    Engineering does the initial design work for new construction projects and maintenance. The Testing and Inspection division inspects all projects to ensure they are built to the desired specifications. The Road Department is responsible for County roads, their stormwater drainage systems, as well as wood and concrete bridges. Stormwater regulation has also become a major task for this division.

    Resources is a division of Public works which consists of the Solid Waste, Mosquito Control, and Parks departments. Solid Waste , Mosquito Control, and Recycling is tasked with the operation of yard waste and construction debris landfills, solid waste landfill contamination cleanup, collection of special appliances and household hazardous waste, recycling programs, building artificial reefs, and the control of disease-carrying mosquito populations. The Parks Department is responsible for 47 public parks, boat ramps, and other public recreation facilities.

    The Traffic division monitors the movement of traffic throughout the county. They maintain 90 traffic intersection signals which includes responding to emergency outages at these intersections.

    Please access the above drop-down menu or each link above for more information about each specialized Public Works Department, its services and staff.

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