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Code Enforcement - Complaints
As per Okaloosa County Ordinance 91-1, Land Development Code, as amended, an Affidavit of Complaint or an identifiable complainant is required to file a complaint with the Code Enforcement Division. It is our goal to respond to your complaint within 24 hours.

To file a complaint you may come by the Code Enforcement office and obtain a complaint form, call and request that one be mailed or faxed to you, or download the form below.

Code Enforcement Complaint Form (PDF)

Current Complaints

Currently Code Enforcement has 143

complaints against licensed contractors.

  87-Roofing Contractors

  4-Mechanical Contractors

  4-Plumbing Contractor

  13-Pool Contractor

  21-General Building Contractor

  8-Exterior Applications Contractor

Unlicensed Contractors
Unlicensed contractors will be issued a $500 citation for unlicensed work in addition to $200 for unpermitted work, if necessary. Unlicensed contractors will also be turned over to the State Department of Business and Professional Regulations.


Construction Competency Board Action

Noal Smith Roofing – July 28, 2010 Hearing

Timmons Roofing – July 28, 2010 Hearing

Whitrock & Associates Inc. – July 28, 2010 Hearing

Electrical Competency Board Action
No complaint cases this time.

Mechanical Competency Board Action
No complaint cases at this time.

Plumbing Competency Board Action
No complaint cases at this time

Code Enforcement Board/Special Magistrate Action

Robert Hutto – June 17, 2010 Hearing

Ruth Johnson/CitiMortgage – June 17, 2010 Hearing

Ethel Price – July 15, 2010 Hearing

James and Christine Ivers – Pending (TBA)

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